Good Starting Points

Canadian Nuclear FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the Canadian Nuclear Scene, focusing on CANDU. Good starting point for the general audience. By Jeremy Whitlock.

CNS - Canadian Nuclear Society - the voice of the individual. The Bulletin, conferences, seminars, short courses...

CNA - Canadian Nuclear Association - an association of many industries and enterprises sharing a common interest in the development and application of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

NucEng - A university level Nuclear Engineering site. Contains online course information. Good starting point for the nuclear student. By Bill Garland

CANTEACH - An extensive public domain repository of CANDU technical documents.

UNENE - The University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering - an industry sponsored, university based, research and education initiative to address the current and future human resourse needs of the nuclear industry.

Radiation Information Network's - Health Physics Related Employment Website, a US based Health Physics site. Lots of good links here.

NuclearMarket - A valuable resource for professionals in the Nuclear Industry featuring news, a buyer's guide, procurement opportunities, jobs, conference details and much more. The site is hosted by, a private business based in London. Site information is posted by individual member companies. Students can register their profile at the Career Center and will be informed by email each time a relevant job notice is posted by one of the members.